Grow a Vibrant Lawn in No Time at All

Connect with a landscaper for your sod installation

When you're deciding on landscaping services for growing a new lawn, make sure sod placement is in the mix. With sod, you can get a vibrant lawn in a couple of weeks as opposed to over a year.

L & S Landscaping offers sod installation services to the Bolingbrook and Lemont, IL area. For sod placement, we recommend you bring in a landscaper in either late summer or early fall for the best results. Spring is also a good time for sod installation.

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Why you should consider sod for your lawn

Sod placement is appealing for a variety of reasons. Sod can help:

  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Grow your lawn quickly
  • Develop a thicker lawn

Sod also requires less irrigation than a seeded lawn during its growth period. Additionally, sod can even help filter dirt and dust from your home. Contact a landscaper at L & S Landscaping today.