Keep Your Yard Healthy

Reach out to a landscaper in Bolingbrook or Lemont, IL

You want your lawn to stay healthy all year long. Fall lawn aeration from a skilled landscaper is a great way to prep your lawn for the winter months and ensure a healthy yard come spring.

L & S Landscaping provides lawn aeration as part of our landscaping services in Bolingbrook and Lemont, IL and surrounding areas. Speak with an experienced landscaper about your lawn needs today.

7 benefits of lawn aeration

There are many different ways lawn aeration can help your yard. Lawn aeration will:

  • 1.Reduce thatch build-up-don't let dead grass pile up on your lawn
  • 2.Relieve soil compaction-reduce dead spots, patches and thinning
  • 3.Aid pH modification-allow nutrients to penetrate further into the soil
  • 4.Improve turf health-grass gets greater access to air, water, and fertilizer
  • 5.Aid overseeding operations-create the optimal environment for seeding
  • 6.Reduce water runoff and puddling-allow for better drainage in your yard
  • 7.Prepare your grass for winter-pre-winter fertilization will be more effective for your lawn than skipping this step

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