Is Poor Water Drainage Driving You Up The Wall?

Your Bolingbrook or Lemont, IL property may need a retaining wall

If you have a sloping backyard, you may want to invest in a retaining wall. During rainfall, you'll find that runoff erodes soil and weakens the structural integrity of your property. Your yard also needs nutrients from the soil to grow green and lush. L & S Landscaping builds beautiful retaining walls in Darien Woodridge, Lemont and Bolingbrook areas.

5 reasons to build a retaining wall:

•It doesn't have to be utilitarian
•Your wall design can be creative
•Terraced walls add aesthetic value
•Runoff water can weaken your soil
•Improved drainage benefits your whole yard

You may be wondering if a retaining wall will ruin your backyard view. It's actually possible to build your wall into a landscaped design. The skilled crew at L & S Landscaping can create a terraced slope or a multi-purpose wall that adds value to your home. We'll even mulch afterwards.

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